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The SuperSwing Lamination Boom, manufactured exclusively by Ashley Welding, is designed to help your company reach new levels of efficiency, productivity and cost savings. From its wall-mounted base, this boom can reach work areas as far as 50 feet across your shop floor. The wall-mounted arm can rotate 180 degrees while the 2nd arm can rotate almost a full 360 degrees.

The SuperSwing is a better way to laminate fiberglass:

Can cut lamination time by an estimated 50%
Less operator fatigue; SuperSwing moves easily and freely on bearings – no pulling, tugging of carts
Operator can spray large molds with one continuous movement
Allows use of more economical bulk resin and fiberglass chop
Wall-mounted resin pumps stay cleaner, require less maintenance
Reduces wear and tear on hoses
Maintenance-free with proper use
Reduced injury associated with moving heavy gun carts around
Allows more efficient use of floor space
Keeps hoses off the floor and walkways free of clutter

These booms are customized to fit your particular needs and can be built to any length between 15 and 50 feet. For more information call 252-482-3321 or: